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Flash Archive: 2009

1248 8th May 2011   Flint Mountain
1246 25th April 2011 BJ BJ's House
1244 10th April 2011 BJ Bidston Hill
1239 6th March 2011 T-Bag Lloc
1235 6th February 2011      
1229 18th December 2010   Christmas Dinner, Gateway to Wales
1223 7th November 2010 Chunder & Bumslide Wetstone Lane, West Kirby.  Pending
1222 31st October 2010 Muddy Waters & Gym Slip Hazel Pear, Acton Bridge.  Pending
1221 24th October 2010    
1220 17th October 2010 Hansel & OTT The Black Dog, Waverton, Nr Chester.  Pending.
1219 10th October 2010 T-Bag & T-Lady Misty Waters, Dyserth Road, Lloc.  A naming frenzy as we welcome 4 Inch Chopper and Effin' and Blindin'.   Pics by T-Bag   Google track.
1218 3rd October 2010 Sir Lostalot & Superdrug Rhyd y Foel nr Abergele.  Pics by the hares and T-Bag. Google track.
1217 26th September 2010 Jungle Balls & Clitmas Pussy The Old White House Hotel, Conwy.  Pics by T-Bag.  Google track.

WCH3 On Tour 2010 *Updated*

WCH3 Hashers hashing elsewhere.  The Tetleys in Blackpool, the Lostatetleys with Lune Valley, Morecambe Bay walk ... and the continuing adventures of Jungle Balls & Clitmas Pussy in Phuket and at Interhash.  Send in your away-day pics.  

"We had yet another excellent weekend with Black Pudding Hash - 38 of us in total - a nice number, mostly walkers though. Themed runs - Fri was Law Enforcement for pub crawl round prom and north shore pubs; Sat was a coach trip in hash weekend t-shirts - Cockle Pickers (named form last year's Fri evening run) and then Sun was International Pirate Day, so it was speak-like-a-pirate with grog (rum) down downs. Sun night, 26 of us who'd stayed over went to see Funny Girls - a real eye-opener!!!! Excellent show."  Tetleys.

1215 12th September 2010 Knees Up Hadlow Road Station, Willaston. Pics by JB.  Google track.
1213 30th August 2010 Red Ken & Two Dicks Frodsham.  "Where has all the flour gone?"  Hi to Simon.  Pics by JB.  Google track.
1210 8th August 2010 Snoozanne & Mad Hatter Dee View Inn, Heswall.  Pics by the Tetleys.  T-Lady's run notes: Big thanks to Snoozanne and Madhatter for stepping in to set this run as no other volunteers. Appreciated by us. In fact there were 8 of us - quite a good turn out. Shortest run in the WCH3 history - 40mins. Not complaining though. Our run at Talacre didn't put Wodger the Wabbit off after her christening - she came with us to Snoozanne's run this Sun. Notice the photo of Compo with his doppleganger (our Nod the Gnome) - Snoozanne recognised the likeness!!!!!
1209 1st August 2010 B.J. Arrowe Country Park.  Pics by the Tetleys.
1207 17th July 2010 T-Bag & T-Lady Talacre.  Hi to "Woger the Wabbit".  Pics by Dunkin' & Dunk 'er.
1206 10th July 2010 Hansel & OTT Gingerbread cottage.  Hansel's 60th birthday run.  OTT's run report: "Hansel's birthday run, notice the valiant efforts of Welsh Maid in clearing the nettles with a tree trunk, the thousands of miles travelled by Stenchfoot, flying in from Kampala to reach the party, and the 4 surprise guests who helped  Hansel with his down down!".  Now the Tetleys clarify events: "Went well except hares - the whole family!!!! got lost and couldn't find trail. Virgin territory and good turn-out. Quite a few stayed over (seemingly) and stayed up till early hours singing - a long day for OTT.  Hansel and Peter Pan were well out of it when we left at 9pm (a prior engagement)." Pics by OTT and the Dunkers.
1203-1205 3rd/4th July 2010 Chunder & Bumslide Rhayader, Powys.  WCH3 alternative to UK Alternative to Interhash.  3 runs!  Greedy b*****ds - I hope your legs ache.  The Tetleys say that Chunder and Bumslide put a lot of effort in.  Must've kept everyone awake!  Pics by OTT and the Tetley dunkers.  Special request: Three stooges in a river.

19th/20th June 2010

Red Ken & Two Dicks Frodsham. Pics by OTT.
1199 13th June 2010 Chunder & Bumslide Pistyll Gwyn quarry.   Yes there are hashers in the picture, but they are either very small or very far away.  Pics by the T-Baggers ("oo er Missus").
1198 6th June 2010 Peter Pan & Bacardi Spice Barlow Avenue, Bebington.  "Went back to theirs for a great barbie on the new decking ............until it rained and everyone scattered."  Photos and scribe notes by Tina & Sydney Love the flag ... JB.
1196 23rd May 2010 Hansel & OTT Flint Castle Car Park, Flint.  Pics by T-Lady with one by OTT.  T-Lady's run report: "A good run over new territory, quite a big pack (13) with a picnic after beside Flint Castle. They had the route through a clay pigeon firing range but thankfully had just finished as we arrived. It would have been an awful long diversion if we couldn't get through."
1195 16th May 2010 BJ The car park by Sheldrakes.  Pics by the Tetleys
1193 3rd May 2010 Superdrug & Sir Lostalot

St Asaph.  Pics by the Tetleys and the Lostadruggies.
1192 25th April 2010 Muddy Waters & Gymslip BwlchgwynThe Muddy Gymslips lose their haring virginity.  Pics by OTT.
1191 18th April 2010 T-Bag & T-Lady The run at Rainbow.   Pics by the Tetleys.  

I do like Peter Pan's gay little star-jumps in the background.  JB. 

1186 14th March 2010 T-Bag & T-Lady Half Way House, Carmel, Holywell.  T-Bag's b'day run.   Pics by the Tetleys.
1184 28th February 2010 Red Ken & Two Dicks White Lion, Alvanley.  Pics by OTT.
1183 21st February 2010 Posh Frock & Tie One Nags Head, Mickle Trafford.  Pics by OTT.
1182 14th February 2010 BJ

Storeton Hill Woods.  BJ's themed Valentines run - good effort made by all. Back to BJ's after for wonderful soup and nosh. Great run, quite a big pack (16) and stayed dry.  Hi to Melyn.  Pics by the Tetleys.   
1181 7th February 2010 Jonah Dibbinsdale Inn.  Pics by the Lostadruggies.
1180 31st January 2010 Mainly: T-Bag & T-Lady. Slightly: Superdrug & Sir Lostalot. Prestatyn, C2H3 weekend.   T-Lady says: "a big thank you for another well organised and excellent weekend's hashing and entertainment - maybe even better than last year's".  Pics by the hares.  A Day In The Life Of a Hasher: This is what the hares and the Muddy Gymslips copied for the Saturday Night cabaret.  It went down a bomb!
1179 24th January 2010 Bumslide & Chunder

The Column, West Kirby and the AGM.  "A wonderful wet run this Sun with down-downs under umbrellas - lovely".  Apparently a very uneventful AGM as there were no fights this year.  Shame.  Pics by Tetley Tea Folk.  Who's the little teapot?
1177 10th January 2010 Red Ken & Two Dicks Delamere Forest.  Intrepid hashers brave the ice and snow. Compo lies about his age.  Pics by Chunder and Gymslip.

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