The Wirral and Chester H3 has been running weekly since 1985.  Runs are generally held on a Sunday (with an 11 am start) or occasionally on a Monday (with a 7 pm start).

We are a mixed hash providing for both runners and walkers.  Our pack size is usually between 10 and 20.  We generally run anywhere on the Wirral or within 20 miles or so of Chester, including NE Wales - see the map below for our nominal run area.  The trail, which is marked in flour, generally takes between sixty to ninety minutes.  The run is followed up with the usual circle and  down-downs and then usually the pub.  Hash fees are 1.00 for adults, free for children.  If you haven't run with us before your first hash is free.  Forewarn us if you like, but there's really no need: just turn up.